Thursday, 31 October 2013

Black & Gold smokey eye

Salam ..

Baru2 nie sje mengedik sambil take my rest after long weekend xde rest,
so this is my turn ..!! after sattle hal2 rumah,  time to me mengemas box make up and practising! :)

where should i started??...hurmmm. Gembel jer nah gambr..
(plse ignore gmbr yg selfie nk tunjuk make up jerr ) 


Nak mcm nie?  just doing a lot of practising !! then you get it ..

Bahan- bahan ramuan :

Base prep n prime by mac 
Foundation by mac
loose powder by mac 
eyebrow viva pun bolehh
eyeshadow from naked + mac + miss rose
revlon blackeyeliner 
blush from bobbi brown 
lipstick msti larr from mac
shu uemura deepsea water mist ( most like it!! and recommended )

Ada plak orng request nak tutorial,nti yee bila kelapangan ... 
dh dua tiga customer kita x sbar nk kawin dictuu

Booking henna  and  make up utk tahun dpn dh ada smpai bulan May!!..
Alhamdulilah.... so sape nak booked cepat2 call kita,
ada promotion for trial make up- 0173313066 
anne mahazir 

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