Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Henna session for syaza kelana jaya :)


This is sepcial entry for syaza, she hired me through blog jgak!! ;)

ok syza mmg ckp die nak ala2 arabic ckit so die dgn berani mati ambik design half tgn tue,
henna inspired by Liyana Jasmay 

 sebelum / selepas

Simple henna utk family members yg lain,  and this  on spot design 

she really love the result !!!!!credit to syaza instagram and her officially photgrapher khzmer
Thanks alot dear for hired me, utk bertandang you i x boleh buat yunk sowii  ;)

wannabe my next customer??plse  contact me as well and booked !!
2014 punya booking dh lama bukak cik adikk oiii

0173313066 anne mahazir


  1. thanks anne! a lot of people have been asking me about the henna. glad to be able to promote you to them :)

    1. hye syaza special thanks jgak kt you promote i dear...hope your wedding blessed and happy til jannah.. :)