Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Henna Session :Berinai for khairiah, rebbeca & review :)

Salam ..

First pic :
First time dapat customer foreigner ..
but still asian people hehehehe cuma mix. Rebbeca, mix British & Philippine.
Menariknya she's  falling in love with malay guys  n get married. Orngnye comel dan so pretty!!.
 die pilih corak simple arabic design yg i buat kt nina, pemesss corak tue skng . ok perasaan!

Second Pic:

Henna for khairiah, she choice something yg buat nmpak tgn die panjang hehehe. 
Normal larr kan tgn orng x sma size uolss. Thanks for the gift khairiah comell gilerr,
 me like it so much ...........

Last but not least, review from cust from Doc Nabila.. cian die second time nk buat, 
x sempat blik awl, biasa larr keje Dokter wht do you aspect kann, so just tell her for buying 
instant tube henna. Thanks for yumi also sbb nadah tgn you jadi bhn ujikaji i, colleague die 
ckp  buat pkai cop bukan free hand ......heheheheh :)

Thanks so much girl for hiring me on your big day..
me appreciate that so much ........

More details about henna n Make up??full package for henna n Make up
akan dapt special gift from us .......!!!

Anne Mahazir

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